Specific Fields


The following fields of specification listed below do not constitute a limitation of the areas where I am able to carry out translation and/or interpreting tasks, but work to give an overview of the specific fields of technology where corresponding technical terminology and background knowledge can be provided . Of course, due to my extensive professional experience I am able to quickly familiarize myself with any additional technical areas when requested.

 Printing Industry: Especially gravure printing, including prepress (copper plating, chrome plating, engraving, data preparation, cylinder correction), rotogravure presses, press delivery and finishing, solvent recovery system, power plant (CHP), supply engineering, electrical and mechanical maintenance, fire protection requirements (CO2 extinguishing system, fire extinguishers, etc.), health and safety requirements, dispatch, paper store, etc.

 Power Transmission and Distribution, Traction Power SupplyTranslation of software manuals, e. g. for load forecast systems and control centres - from the power plant to the final consumer, comprising substations, transformers, converters, field device, feed into the national grid, etc.

 Power Plant Technology and Supply Engineering: Combined heat and power plant including gas turbines, steam boiler, chillers, control centre, heat exchangers, pumps, compressors, water treatment, feed into the national grid, etc.

 Metal Processing: Hard turning, soft turning, grinding, drilling, polishing, hardening (heat treat), deep drawing, punching presses, QA, gauging and tooling, electrical and mechanical maintenance, assembly lines, etc.

 Plastics Technology: Injection moulding machines, production planning, MRP, QA, material testing, electrical and mechanical maintenance, central material supply, tooling, etc.

 Architecture: Acoustic performance requirements and corresponding sound level measurements for acceptance of construction works and other specifications, translation of contracts with consultancy services, etc.

 Research and development: Summary report, product descriptions, and promotion material for Fraunhofer IIS